Our Mission

"To be a spiritually alive Christian community reaching out to others."


Minister's letter for September

Dear friends,
Preparation is the key to success.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’.  We’re in the midst of the silly season as parents are encouraged to get everything ready for their children to go back to school.  The ‘back to school’ ranges started in June!  But Lord Baden-Powell said, ‘Be prepared’ – those without preparation are running around trying to get all their uniform and stationery together at the last minute.


LITTLE FISHES and DOLPHINS— On the second Sunday of each month  at 10.00a.m., We began again on Sunday, 14th September after a summer break, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday, 12th October.
LITTLE FISHES: Activities, Songs and Worship for early years children and their carers. Meet in the Sanctuary.
 DOLPHINS: Activities and Worship for children aged 6/7 to 9+, meeting at the same time as Little Fishes, but in the Upper Room


Our aim is to Love God and Love Others