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We seek to make our worship stimulating, challenging and relevant to the needs of our congregations. We offer space for all ages to meet and explore faith in different ways. We demonstrate our faith through social action and share fellowship in house groups, in prayer and in regular social events.

We very much enjoyed re-opening our church doors for the 11.00a.m. Service each Sunday since 6th September, and have been pleased to be able to maintain our weekly services. However, the second lockdown came upon us on Thursday, 5th November and so our doors closed once again until restrictions being lifted on 2nd December.

 From 6th December until Christmas Sunday,  20th December we managed to maintain Services, and even held a Little Fishes' Christmas Get Together on the 13th. Covid restrictions, moving into Tier 4 on Boxing Day, and currently lock down 3 has changed things once again, resulting in online services being resumed throughout the month of January at least.

Covid-19 has given, and continues to give, us all many challenges, and some opportunities also (in a very strange way). We are having to look at how we do things in the present time, and for some while yet - restrictions imposed upon us all are having to be carefully thought through so as to keep everyone safe.The church is working hard to ensure we comply with all regulations, and we are endeavouring to make certain each one of us keeps as safe as possible. 

But things will change, and we may never return to how things used to be, there is a new norm around! these words give us much food for thought!

A Quote from Litany written by Past-President, Rev. Michaela Youngson, Chair of the London District: "We thought we knew how the world was meant to be. We made our plans, held our meetings. kept the roof on the church and the show on the road. How can we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?

And now, we know something new. We know that church is not committees, agendas, and buildings, It is us, in homes, streets, hospitals throughout the world  God is teaching us a new song, for a new land."



Morning Service 10th January 2021 - Rev. Rod Hill's Reflection

by Alderley Edge Methodist Church  |  Posted at 15:21pm on 11th January 2021
A Reflection on Prayer – as individuals and as a community

An essential caveat: I am far from perfect in what I share today, so I’m speaking as much to myself as to anyone else in what I share this morning.


When I was in my initial training as a Methodist Minister...

Prayers For 10 Minutes At 10:10a.m. On 10th January 2021

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 10:48am on 11th January 2021
A new year has begun. Let us leave behind all that is past, and walk together into the future. Let us trust in the God of new beginnings, and worship the God of fresh hopes.

Lord, just as the wise men set out into new territory in search of you, help...

Prayer 20:20....... Sunday, 20th December

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 20:55pm on 21st December 2020
December 20:20 Prayers

O come, O come, Emmanuel

Isaiah11 1-2

Lord, they tell us there is a time for everything. We have a time to pray and a time to praise, a time to give thanks and a time to give honour, a time for fellowship and a time for worship, a time...
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Choosing a Methodist Way of Living: We will help people in our communities and beyond. (Mark 12v31 Pt.2)
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