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Re-opening Of The Net

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 04:03am on 5th May 2017
Net Re-opens! Sunday, 30th April was a very special day for the members of our Youth Club, Breakout, and for their leaders—The Net officially re-opened! People from the original Net project, or those who helped to dig out the cellar in the 1960s, led the vibrant youth...

Circuit Year Of Prayer

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 04:01am on 5th May 2017
Circuit Year of Prayer 2017:

As part of the Year of Prayer initiative, during 2017 we will be holding events in each of the churches to encourage people to pray for the communities involved. The next event is at The Welcome:

Wednesday 24th May, at The Welcome beginning at...

Jenny's Jottings For May 2017

by Jenny Mossman  |  Posted at 04:00am on 5th May 2017
Jenny's Jottings for May
Hello and welcome to my final Jenny's Jottings! As you can see it's a 'Two for the Price of One' this month - So what happened here then?
I don't know whether you noticed, but JJ was missing from last month's Contact. It was written and sent,...

Jenny's Jottings For April 2017

by Jenny Mossman  |  Posted at 03:59am on 5th May 2017
Jenny's Jottings .......Looking Back to April
I love Lent. It's the time when we are to stop and listen and 'be' with God. Not that we shouldn't do this at any other time of the year mind you! Our faith is about our relationship with Jesus and Lent is one of...

Minister's Letter For May 2017

by Rev Ben Clowes  |  Posted at 03:57am on 5th May 2017
Dear friends

'... then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve ...' (Joshua 24:15)

May is a season of choice and change and often that can be put down to the weather. As I write, admittedly still in April, we've a strong northerly wind blowing, bringing snow to...

Minister's Letter For April 2017

by Rev Ben Clowes  |  Posted at 03:55am on 5th May 2017
Dear friends

'Then they went home and prepared spices and perfumes.
But they rested on the Sabbath in obedience to the commandment.' (Luke 23:56)

What are you waiting for? The world, according to adverts, is waiting for Easter so they can eat chocolate eggs and, of course, join in the point...
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