All about George!

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 03:11am on 8th May 2018

Have you heard about George? George, I hear you say, who is he?

Whoever, he is, what has he got to do with us?

Let me start at the very beginning.

A few weeks ago, just about when the Plant Sale and Spring Coffee Morning was first announced, something rather strange happened in the church. We began to see some little figures, made out of wood and with either red or yellow hair, appearing in the foyer, or sitting on a pew in the lady chapel—whatever was going on?

It was Ken! Using his amazing gift of carpentry once again in service to the church, he had decided to craft some garden figures, just testing the water to see if there was any interest. Testing the market? It has taken hold and the place is over-run with these wooden chaps sitting cheekily around, and being snapped up to move into the gardens of the people who are clamouring to buy one! It has almost reached the situation that if you have not ordered one you are just not in the crowd!! A must-have 2018 garden enhancement.

Fun, yes of course, and an instance of a man using his obvious gift and skill to enable funds to be raised. What for? We are desperately looking to replace our damaged visual system, with both Projectors having shown their age and become unusable. This is Ken's personal effort to do his bit, and at £15 a time, his 'flower pot men' will be an excellent contribution. Thank you, Ken.

But where does George come into it? Yesterday our Church Annual Meeting was held, and during it our Minister, Rev. Sue, launched an Appeal to raise the money needed (£9,000) to renew our visuals system. Named 'Sound+Vision4All', she hopes it will be the catalyst whereby the church, from the youngest to the most elderly, will work together to achieve the sum, enjoy fellowship together in doing so, and share joy and pleasure in amongst the effort. But, the project Sue had in mind needed a symbol, a logo, something to hang the hat on. What better than to use the newest 'member' of our church, this chap who is everywhere we turn, who will be around us in our gardens and who is the man of the moment, so to speak?

Rev. Sue, and husband Will, have looked at him, seen his popularity and no doubt felt this was to be the logo for our latest Fundraising Project—and so he needed a name; the name was: George.

George is now our project logo.

May he be the embodiment of our Mission Statement, which is

To Love God and Love Others

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