Food Bank Collection for Wythenshawe

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 15:00pm on 11th May 2020

Our connection with the Methodist Church in Wythenshawe was very well received when our 'Easter' Food Bank delivery was taken across by our Minister, Rod, on Wednesday, 15th April. The help for the families living in that area of South Manchester, was a little difficult to work out because of our restrictions under the CoronoVirus Pandemic, but - we did it! All worked out well from our side, and it was wonderful to know our contributions were of some use to others.

The week, beginning Monday, 11th May, we started a further collection for our friends in Wythenshawe.  Willing church members ageed to place a box outside their front door/their garden gate/ on the garden path, with a note indicating that this box is the place to leave any donations of tins, packets etc. A time span of a week gave other church members, friends and neighbours opportunity to  drop off their gifts. The boxes  were positioned in Blackshaw Lane, Windermere Drive, Elm Crescent, Devonshire Drive, and Chapel Road, and brought back to church on Tuesday, 19th May. Would our collection  look as good as it did at Easter? This picture of Rod' car, packed to the roof in April would take some beating! Could we do it? Surely the answer would be - Yes! We can!
! Collection - April 2020

Here we are! Below - All these bags, packed full of tins, packets, foodstuffs of all kinds.....however was Rod going to get them into his car? But somehow he got them all, plus himself, into his vehicle and off he went to Wythenshawe! We have it on very good authority that it was a good job he was locked in!! But how wonderful that from 5 boxes placed across the Village we managed to amass such a quantity of food etc. to support our neighbours in Wythenshawe. They may say Thank You to us for our support, but how can we say Thank You to everyone who has donated items as they pass by. Many people we do not know, just folks passing the doors, maybe on their exercise walks, going home from work, or taking the dog out.......the generosity has been amazing, and it is that generosity that has enabled us to give the support to people who we also do not know in and around the Wythenshawe area. But we do know that their need is great, and between us all we have been able to offer some help when life at the moment is so challenging for everyone, but for some more so than for others. A Huge Thank You to everyone who has donated to our boxes, we very much appreciate your kindness

    Collection - 19th May 2020

(We are looking to start a further collection for Wythenshawe in approximately two weeks' time, with a delivery to Wythenshawe around mid-June. More details in due course,)