Jenny's Jottings for April 2017

by Jenny Mossman  |  Posted at 03:59am on 5th May 2017

Jenny's Jottings .......Looking Back to April
I love Lent. It's the time when we are to stop and listen and 'be' with God. Not that we shouldn't do this at any other time of the year mind you! Our faith is about our relationship with Jesus and Lent is one of those times for me when I feel I can really bathe this. I'm
reading a wonderful book at the moment by Bob Johnson called 'Love Stains.' In it he doesn't talk about us giving the world our theology, or quoting Bible passages. Instead he talks of our relationship with Jesus - of being so full of Him that we leak His love to all those around us, in everything we do. So let's really take the time to dwell in the presence of God, to fill up with the love of Jesus, and leak it out to the world!
Tots is still thriving. We have more and more new families each week who love to join in with all our activities. Recently we have been looking at just how special Jesus is. We made fancy glasses and saw how Jesus could heal the blind. We also decorated biscuits with icing and a jelly baby and talked about how Jesus walked on water. We've made jam
sandwiches and looked at how Jesus fed over 5000 people and we've had a parade while singing and waving palm leaves. These days the grown-ups try and guess what the story is going to be from the craft we're doing!
Little Fishes did some exciting activities around that well know cry, 'it's not fair!' It was a great way to focus during Fairtrade Fortnight and to really appreciate what we have and how we can help people. After all God loves everyone.
Dolphins and Lantern Fish heard the story of Nicodemus brilliantly told by Catherine - using several different hats! We looked at the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus and chatted about what it meant to be born-again - how when we love Jesus, we change as are filled with the Holy Spirit, who urges us to live more like Him.
Ignite had a great session talking about Jesus spending 40 days in the wilderness. We talked about temptation, what it means to be tempted, and what Jesus meant by people
needing more than food to live. It's about getting to know God more and one way we can do that is by reading the Bible regularly - just like we have regular meals!
Breakout is still growing. One person who came as a visitor has now decided that they would like to come regularly. This might have been due to the lovely pancakes we had to celebrate Shrove Tuesday! Our last session was another visit to The Mill youth club in Bramhall which was a great success. This coming month we are looking forward to the
official opening of The Net.
Our Schools work is still going strong. AESG had their St. Joseph's day service where the theme was 'Called to Action'. It was a wonderful time of celebration where we reflected upon, and were challenged to think about how loving God and others could be demonstrated in the world around us.
In our assemblies, Ben and I asked - which is more important: the topping or the pancake? After talking about Lent, we decided that the answer was actually something else. Why? because Lent is a time to focus on Jesus. Our response to this could be to give something up - or we could do intentional acts of random kindness every day - and not just during Lent! We've also looked at Lent as being a time to sit, listen and reflect rather than a time of being busy or as Psalm 46 says, 'Be still and know that I am God'. In this assembly, we included the gentle music 'Morning' from the Peer Gynt suite and... a pair of maracas!
On the 24th April it was a great privilege for me to give the address to all the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers of the Alderley District Scouts Council. David and Goliath made an appearance as we looked at how to trust in God.
Please would you continue to pray for our children and families in the church and the
community, as we continue to share, the power, the mystery and the joy of knowing the risen Jesus.

Every blessing
Jenny x

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