Jenny's Jottings for March 2017

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 02:30am on 3rd March 2017

Jenny's Jottings

As I write, the sun is shining and even though it's really cold outside, there is a sense that Spring is hovering just around the corner. Dolphins and Lantern Fish have been looking at promises and one of those amazing promises from God - right back at the beginning of Genesis - is that as long as the earth endures, there will be that wonderful, perfect cycle of seedtime and harvest, summer and winter, cold and heat, day and night (Gen 8:22). And so, as we long for that light and heat, as we indeed expect it, let's not forget the absolute awesome miracle that it is, borne out of God's love and grace for each one of us.

Our Tots mornings are as lovely and enthusiastic as ever. Many of our regulars are moving on to nursery and preschool, but as they leave we are also seeing lots of new faces. Over the past few weeks, in our craft and storytime, we've been looking at the friends of Jesus from the stories in the Bible. We've also looked at how much Jesus loves us, as we decorated heart-shaped biscuits for Valentine's day.

This month Little Fishes did some exciting activities with lights and torches as they discussed how Jesus is the light in our world.

Dolphins and Lantern Fish had a chat about at what promises were, the promises that God makes, what it means to keep a promise and what happens when we break them. We then filled in cheque books of three promises to give away.

Ignite had a lovely session with lots of children from the baptism party joining in. We looked at the story of the Good Samaritan and had games and activities.

Breakout is still going strong. The new pool table is a great addition (thanks to all who helped to transport it and set it up!) and our cosy corner gets cosier by the week. As the mug cakes went down well (literally!) and as food is always a great hit, we decorated heart biscuits for Valentine's day.

Our Schools work is still thriving. Eucharist went well at AESG with Rev Scot and I when Ben was away at a conference. Sadly due to a throat virus I wasn't able to go into Nether Alderley this month, however their Year 4s joined us with the Year 4s from AECPS for a great time in church for our LifePath session. This is the third LifePath we've done, and each year it just gets better and better. There was lots of noise and joy and excitement all day - which is just my thing - but the most precious part of the day for me was the time of reflection. Each person took a pebble from around the cross and wrote on it one word which was special to them, in response to the day. It was done with such respect and in contemplative silence. From the words the children wrote, it was clear that God's love and grace had had a huge impact on them that day. It was a great day, and I would like to say a special 'thank you' to Rob Steward and the two Sarah's from Scripture Union, Jill Lee and Peter Freeman from KMC, and AEMC's Ruth James. We couldn't have done it without you!

As I write we are coming up to half term - the weeks have gone by so fast, but I think all of us are looking forward to the break. It's a time of rest and refreshing before we start the wonderful 'run up' to all the preparations for Lent and our Easter celebrations.

Please would you continue to pray for our children and families in the church and the community, not forgetting the ongoing work of our volunteer helpers and leaders in the church as well as Ben, Denise and I. Thank you.

Every blessing

Jenny x

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