Minister' letter for April 2018

by Rev Sue Swires  |  Posted at 14:11pm on 29th March 2018

From Rev. Sue:

Far be it from me to ignore the existence of the Easter bunny, the lambs, the chocolate eggs, the flowers, the baskets, the fluffy chicks, and all the other symbols of Easter we enjoy so much...

I saw a card with a cartoon rabbit on the front, looking very stern. He was wearing armour and carrying a sword. The front of the card said "HAND OVER THE CHOCOLATE! And when you opened the card it said "Easter greetings from Atilla the Bun"......

Fun! Fun! Fun! Holiday time and family time and treats and Springtime bursting forth. Of course we love Easter!

So, don't banish the bunny, or anything else, but......

.......... get it in proportion.

Catch the wider impact of Easter's meaning;

In Holy Week as we reflect daily on the way to the Cross.

In the development of our Lent desert and Easter garden, week by week, and the story it displays on Easter morning.

In our praying, and singing, and the emotions of shared experiences in Holy Week.

In the Cross of Christ, open to the sky, and the empty tomb.


May the blessings of the Risen Christ be with you all

Rev Sue

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