Minister's letter for February 2018

by Rev Sue Swires  |  Posted at 04:16am on 30th January 2018

"What's the difference between a flute and a stick in the mud?"

The stick in the mud is full of itself. The flute has been emptied of itself so it can make music.

That's a good image for us as we step on to the path that leads us into Lent.

We're heading into the Desert- the wilderness place- the wandering place.

Having taken great forward steps in our thinking and commitment to develop a vision true to what God is asking of us, we must be confident that we will gather at the foot of the Cross, together, having journeyed and shared unfolding experiences.

Our Lenten path will involve opportunities for reflection and study, not only through our own Bible Study groups, but alongside our CTIA friends and colleagues. Our worship experiences will be contextual, seeking to engage God's children of all ages in the journey. When we step into Holy Week, our experiences will draw us from Palm Sunday triumph to the deep despair of Good Friday as we await Easter dawn.

All those forward steps we're taking must be solid, committed, and together.

In a world where many of us are "full of ourselves" we need to be emptied of ourselves - so that our lives can make better music.

So whether it is giving up an old bad habit or taking on a new holy habit... May we each use this Lenten season as an excuse to do something that empties us of ourselves so that our lives make better, soulful music, in tune with each other.

When we hear those notes, how happy and fulfilled we will be!

Rev Sue

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