PLANT SALE.......SATURDAY, 16th MAY......9.00a.m./17.00p.m.

by Judy Povey  |  Posted at 11:25am on 8th May 2020

Our annual Plant Sale, usually held at the Church, is having to be organised in a different way this year because of restrictions during the COVID-19 period. Plants need to be ordered in advance  and either  paid for on line, or else in cash on collection. Edge End, Chapel Road is the collecting point on Saturday, 16th May between the hours of 9.00a.m. and 17.00p.m., but for a fee of £2 orders can be delivered direct to a given address.

An order form is below, and John looks foward to receiving all orders by Monday, 11th May at the latest. Proceeds in aid of Church Funds. As always, the plants will be of excellent quality and cost, and, as normal, are supplied by John Shelmerdine Nurseries.

Your support would be much appreciated........many thanks.

In aid of Alderley Edge Methodist Church, Saturday 16 May 2020 9:00-17:00 at Edge End, 

Chapel Road/Trafford Road.  Organiser: John Sanderson 01625 582114 and 07905 624390  
Top quality bedding plants from Shelmerdine Nurseries and really excellent value.    
Please return order form by hand delivery to Edge End or by Email to  
on or before Monday 11 May.  We prefer by Email and to have the completed excel sheet.   
Otherwise we can take a .pdf file.  Please pay by cheque on the day of collection or delivery   
or pay online beforehand.   When you have paid on-line, please put an X in the box here.  
AEMC bank is: sort code 161129 account number 11115444.  When using this, please use  
reference PS e.g. I shall use PSsanderson when I pay on-line.    
                Your name    
Telephone number & Email    
Address if delivery required    
Plant item - Shelmerdine Plants/tray Price/tray trays ordered    
Lobelia 9 2.20      
Trailing Lobelia 9 2.20      
Alyssum 9 2.20      
Verbena 6 2.20      
Antirrhinum 6 2.20      
Dahlia 6 2.20      
Pansy 6 2.20      
African Marigold 6 2.20      
Cosmos 4 2.20      
Mimulus 6 2.20      
Petunia 6 2.20      
Begonia 6 2.20      
Non-stop Begonia 4 3.00      
Geranium 4 3.00      
Trailing Fuschia 1 1.75      
Trailing Geranium 1 1.75      
Plant item - Other          
Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff 1 1.50      
Anemone Japonica - white 1 1.50      
Anemone Japonica - pink 1 1.50      
Lychnis - Rose Campion 1 1.00      
Fertilizer per Kg available by pre-arrangement.          
Growmore 25 Kg 21.00      
Weed 'n Feed + Moss Killer  20 Kg 25.00      
Sulphate of Iron  25 Kg 22.00      
Sulphate of Ammonia 25 Kg 17.50      
Sulphate of Potash 25 Kg 39.00      
Superphosphate of Lime 25 Kg 23.00      
Clover multipurpose compost 75 L 7.50      
Delivery- enter address above. 1 2.00      
Collection 1 0.00      
Total cost