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Thursdays, 7:30pm

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Church Foyer

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Our 2018/19 session began in early September. New members are very welcome at our fortnightly meetings, which are held at 7.30p.m. in the church foyer. On the 6th September we had a visit from Margaret, one of the volunteers working with Teams4U, who told us of their work collecting in Christmas Boxes to take to countries in Europe, distributing them to children and families living in extreme poverty or experiencing challenge in their lives. The Church Mission Group took this on board also, and we are delighted that 38 boxes were taken to Teams4U on Monday, 12th November. We have enjoyed some excellent evenings up to now - ranging from the Traidcraft 'Who Picked My Tea' Project through thinking about Vote 100 and the Suffragette Movement, to hearing of the significance of the British Sign Language, and also discovering how the small village of Wilms Low turned into the area of Wilmslow that we know today. (The Low is the small hill rising up behind St. Bart's Church). 15th November a Speaker from East Cheshire Hospice talked to us about their work and outreach in this their 30th Anniversary Year, and on 29th we turned our minds back to a recent project called 'Parliament Week - it was an interesting evening and some of the Quiz questions taxed our members greatly! We finished with our Christmas evening on 13th December, when Sue Hector came along to demonstrate and make with each of us a Decoration for our Christmas Table. The Group resumed on 24th January and had a practical evening, joining in with the worldwide 70273 Project. An atrocity of the Second World War when the Nazis removed adults and children who were deemed to be less than perfect. They were marked with 2 red crosses so those undertaking the task knew who they had to deal with. A Project to remember those who died so needlessly has gathered momentum and we are encouraged to join the quilt-making process so that each child or adult of that immense number is remembered. On February 7th we welcomed John Wallace who took us back through music, song and dance of yesteryear, when he talked of the background to the cinema, which became the Festival Hall, which has become the Medical Centre - an iconic building in Alderley Edge, with quite a history attached! February 21st brought us near to Fairtrade Fortnight, when we welcomed Mildred once again, and heard of the theme for this year - Chocolate. Do the cocoa growers across the world get paid a fair price for their efforts to satisfy our desire for chocolate? Do the chocolate makers pay the growers a good price for their harvest? Do they make huge profits whilst the grower has barely enough to live on? It is good for us to be reminded about these things, and we enjoyed our evening........and enjoyed some fairly traded chocolate goodies too. The church launched a Sound +Vision Appeal last year, so Thursday Group felt it was right to have an event to support what is more commonly known as 'The George Appeal'. Thursday, 7th March was the date. The Community Choir was the event. The night was a super occasion. We so enjoyed a relaxing, warm, friendly event with a fun, friendly, and happy choir. As a result we managed to add £172 to the Appeal, which we are delighted about. But the Programme was drawing to a close. 21st March we made small gifts to give out to Mothers who may well miss out some treats on a day when we think of mothers everywhere. Then we came to 4th April when Rev. Scott Manning led our Lenten Evening, ending with a simple form of Communion together. So the Season came to an end - It had been a good year!